Blockchain Demo

Blockchain Demo


Welcome to Gardena, CA!

The center of industrial real estate for Los Angeles.

I’m Jim Klein and today I will show you, how to use the blockchain to send and receive files, decentrally among trusted parties.

Let’s go inside.

Here’s how it works. We input the address of the property on the top line. In this case, it’s 19475 Gramercy Pl, Torrance, CA. It’s a 47,000 ft manufacturing, industrial storage building. Contact ID is where we can put the user’s email or a customer number that we generate. We include the file and we press go.

After pressing go the program creates a QR code and a link that I can send to the customer. Only parties who have the link or code can open the file. It records on the blockchain to serve as proof.

With the link you can either click on it or put it in your browser, and the file is transmitted to the party you want to send.

My first use case is offmarket industrial real estate. Meta tags can be used to search the blockchain by keyword.

I’m asking for your help to expand the project and make more deals together. Thank you to the innovation committee and you watching.