Why a Strategic Approach to Real Estate?

Real estate is a significant cost to business; It is also fairly permanent and visible. For a large part of the real estate public, the emphasis is on the “deal,” not how real estate will improve the business. For this reason, a strategic approach will give the real estate user new tools to improve its use of property.

Here are a few goals in the strategic use of property:

  • Real estate has the potential to be a competitive advantage if the opportunities and business are thoughtfully considered. Strategize to make real estate improve the business.
  • As a counter to the deal-driven real estate market, a strategic approach analyzes what is best for the business, not what is best for the developer.
  • Real estate is the fount of identity for customers and employees. It is the place of production, creation, and administration.
  • Business changes and companies require ever more complex analyses. But real estate tends to be more stable and visible.
  • Functionally, properties can be acquired or modified to improve business processes.
  • Operationally, real estate is a key component in communication and networking with customers and business allies.
  • Develop a strategic mindset throughout the organization

I learned much of this material from Dr. Martha O’Mara, Ph.D in her book and seminar entitled Strategy and Place: Managing Corporate Real Estate and Facilities for Competitive Advantage. The original work from 1999 can still be found on Amazon.

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