SIOR Dublin Conference July 13 to July 15

Changing with an Evolving World – the “European Toolkit”

The role of real estate brokers and consultants has never been under more threat. The advance of technology alongside increasing globalisation and social/environmental awareness has challenged the established norms of real estate.

The demands of our customers are evolving in response to pressures to innovate their products and services. By embracing change and developing a greater understanding of political and social issues, SIOR members will have the credentials to be at the “Top Table” in our clients’ business planning.

#SIORDublin2022 sets itself the challenge of sharing insiders’ views of how to do profitable cross-border business in Europe. From the conference, delegates will take away an enhanced understanding of:

  • the political and social pressures within Europe
  • the impact of CRE IT on broker profitability
  • dealing with cross-border teams and how navigating the sustainability debate is central to corporate thinking in Europe

Join over 300 fellow professionals in Dublin in July 2022 and reserve your place in those “Top Table” discussions.

See more on the SIOR dedicated page

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