Update on April 21, 2016

So far this year we have held off adding any more features to the MAPP Program and instead have been working strictly with the data. There are several predominant trends in this market and we are using data analysis to identify the Occupiers and Landowners who will benefit the most. In every major market there are severe space shortages and rents are surging. Many large warehouse and distribution operations can no longer afford to operate close-in, central locations, especially when you can move to a newer building in the Western Inland Empire and acquire 50% more space for the same price. The same conditions apply to the Bay Area, Dallas, Miami and New York/ Central New Jersey.

By using basic commands we can search our data to find those companies most likely to benefit from these market conditions and at the same time identify Greenfield landowners who have the perfect development sites. In other words, we find the Occupiers who want new buildings and locate the land where they can build.

Without getting into too many details, we’ve isolated several variables (size, location, industry, ownership, zoning) and by coding for those properties, we can make certain matches that would be impossible without large data sets. It’s very simple logic but becomes more complicated when adding new data. Unfortunately, it has taken longer than I thought because finding talented data scientists is difficult. We’ve come to realize, you can actually do very little and achieve excellent results.

Meanwhile, we have discovered the MAPP Program works well on mobile devices and is a perfect reference tool in the field if you want the ability to identify locations on the fly and record them for later.

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