Dear Gardena Building Owner:

I’ve been an industrial real estate broker in Gardena for thirty (30) years. I have many long standing clients and created excellent relationships. I’m also active around the United States relying on my broker friends from SIOR. My reputation and personal contacts can help with your next property decision.

Property values have now returned to the pre-recession period. It’s not necessarily because business activity is better, although it is. The price rebound is mostly due to low interest rates, monetary stimulus, and intense demand on behalf of foreign buyers, particularly the Chinese. On the larger scale, institutional investors are on fire and are dipping down into lower grade and smaller properties.

Lease rates are also significantly up because there is a shortage of decent quality buildings. So far the new development, and there hasn’t been that much, is in larger distribution buildings. Soon developers that can secure financing will build smaller buildings if they can find the land, which is difficult to come by.

One thing to watch is a change from the low interest rate environment. This past month rates have increased by 50 basis points. It could be a monthly blip or the beginning of a trend to normalization. If the handoff from monetary stimulus to business fundamentals is done smoothly, we can expect long term, sustainable growth.

Please call or stop by our Gardena Boulevard office if we can help with your industrial property. We use our knowledge so you can make a better decision.

Kindest Regards,

Jim Klein, SIOR


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