Monthly Archives: May 2013

AB 1103 Energy Efficiency Disclosure

New California state law that starts taking effect August 1, 2013. All Sellers and Landlords will need to disclose the energy efficiency of their buildings in any sale or lease of an entire building. The goal is to have an Energy Star rating of 75 or better. However disclosure of any score is a requirement. Here is the handout I received from Greenberg Glusker who provided the legal overview and Green Econome who will help you with the filing and disclosure. Handout

On The Way Up


This diagram from RREEF shows we are in a classic upswing on the real estate cycle. Lots of money in play, rising property values, and local business is improving. It looks like we have a long way to go excepting some huge policy mistake and that's unlikely. (click through to enlarge diagram)