SIOR Industrial Committee – 2nd Virtual Roundtable (via teleconference) – June 7


SIOR Industrial Committee – 2nd Virtual Roundtable (via teleconference)

Thursday June 7, 2018 – 8AM Pacific; 9AM Mountain; 10AM Central; 11AM Eastern (International Members Welcome)

Dear Industrial SIOR,

You are receiving this announcement because you have participated in a SIOR industrial event over the past year. As part of the Committee’s mandate, structured networking among SIORs is a primary goal. To that end, we will be holding our second Virtual Roundtable on the date above. Each table is limited to eight participants so everyone can speak.

The call is targeted at 45 minutes and no more than 60. The time will be divided into three, not necessarily, equal segments:

  • General Market Conditions – Everyone has a turn
  • Are there space shortages in your market? And are there investment/development opportunities?
  • Problem Solving: Share a problem in your business that other SIORS on the table can help you solve?

Concurrently, we are collecting National Industrial Cap Rate data for a forthcoming publication where you will receive credit for your contribution and a complete data set you can use for your own business/publications.

Please respond to the following five (5) questions: (can all be one line for simplicity and we will parse the responses.)

Can you attend the Virtual Roundtable?
(If yes, call information and more instructions to follow)

Metro Area?

Cap Rate for A* Product in your market?

Cap Rate for B** Product in your market?

Will you be a Virtual Table Leader?
(Requires a Conference Call account for you to host)

*A Product is institutional quality, newer development, credit tenants, Build-to-Suit
** B Product is functional, older, shorter term leases, opportunity/value-add



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